I have a weird hobby...

I spend hours doing niche & keyword research. 

Whenever I see something in the news, an article about a new trend, something bubbling on social media or just things I notice throughout my day, I look for opportunities to build a website about it.

The types of websites I’m talking about are niche websites. You might also know them as affiliate sites, content sites or authority sites.

Sometimes I build the websites myself and make money from them. But a lot of the times, the research ends up going into a Google Drive folder and never see the light of day because I can only create so many websites at once.

So I created Nichewit.

Nichewit is a weekly newsletter I made to share ideas for niche sites that have a lot of potential and opportunity, but I don’t have the time to create them.

But I don’t just give you an idea and leave it up to you.

Each newsletter comes with a complete analysis done by myself or one of my amazing researchers/writers.

We include:

  • An overview of the niche
  • Why it’s such a great opportunity
  • Competitive analysis of existing sites in the niche
  • A keyword research report
  • Ideas to monetize the site

In addition to that, I also share tips and strategies to help you build and grow profitable niche websites. Tips about SEO, conversion rate optimization, niche research and more.

My goal is to help you create profitable websites without having to spend a bunch of time coming up with niche ideas.

Who's behind Nichewit?


I'm  Dominique

 I’ve been doing SEO and building niche websites for over seven years. I’ve worked at companies like Sprout Social, Copper and Baremetrics, helping to grow organic traffic through content and SEO.

All the while, I’ve built multiple niche websites that earn thousands of dollars each month. Now I'm sharing my knowledge on Nichewit.