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10 Best Amazon Affiliate Plugins For WordPress

If you are a niche website owner, chances are your site is built with WordPress. And, if you are monetizing your site with affiliate marketing, then you will probably be using Amazon’s affiliate program, Amazon Associates

While Amazon Associates has offers for native display ads and image ads, the most popular affiliate links are text links. They are easy to insert into your website content, and they feel more natural to your readers. Due to the volume of text links you can place on a page, they also have a much higher conversion rate than image links or display ads. 

Text links are great, but they pose a logistical issue. Because every product has a unique link, your site can become littered with thousands of unique links. 

Unless you want to have an excel file full of products and their associated links, then you will need to use an Amazon affiliate plugin. How do you know which Amazon affiliate plugin is best for your WordPress site? We’re going to dive into that right now. 

Why Use Amazon Affiliate Plugins?

While Amazon does offer minimal link management by way of link shortening and tag management, it quickly falls behind when a niche site operation begins to grow. 

As you continue to build your site, you will run into products that go out of production, change the design, or change ownership. If you have those products on multiple pages, link management quickly becomes a full-time job. That’s where Amazon affiliate WordPress plugins come in. 

As a niche website builder using Amazon Associates, you will need the ability to:

  • Manage all of your affiliate links from a single interface
  • Shorten, clean, or cloak your affiliate links
  • Customize product displays
  • Track clicks and conversions
  • Make a ownership transfer easier if you choose to sell your site

So, imagine you are running a niche website about camping tents. Your site is named bestcampingtentsever.com. And you link from multiple pages on your site to a popular camping tent like this one:

amazon affiliate product

But that tent is unavailable, and you have no idea if it is coming back. You could go through every link on your site, or you could use a plugin to automatically redirect those links to this tent that is available.

amazon affiliate product

Also, if you are linking to this product from a lot of pages on your site, it can be difficult to remember what the random text Amazon link is. It is much easier to cloak the link, so it will say bestcampingtentsever.com/nemo-firefly. Then you can insert that link into your posts, and it will redirect to your affiliate link.

One last thing to keep in mind is what you are going to do if you decide to sell your site. With niche websites selling for up to 40x monthly revenue, a big exit can be very enticing. However, However, a prospective buyer might not want to pay as much if they need to manually change every affiliate link on the site. 

An Amazon affiliate plugin makes this much easier for all parties involved. After you sell and hand over your site, the buyer can simply go into the plugin settings and change your affiliate tag to theirs. The plugin makes things easier for everyone involved. 

All of this, plus custom product boxes, displays, tables, and click-tracking is why you should be using an Amazon affiliate plugin on your WordPress site.

10 Best Amazon Affiliate Plugins For WordPress

Now that we’ve explained why an Amazon affiliate plugin is necessary for WordPress sites, we’re going to get into our list. 

The plugins we’ve listed serve different functions. Some are more focused on link management, some are better for product displays. All of the plugins on this list have loyal followings that swear by them, so it’s up to you to decide which fits your needs the best.


AAWP - Amazon Affiliate Plugins
  • Pricing: €49/year for 1 site. 
  • Best for: Sites of all sizes, and users of all experience levels.

AAWP is by far the most popular Amazon affiliate plugin for WordPress. It has tens of thousands of glowing reviews, and it is easy to see why. 

The primary benefit of AAWP is that it is simple to use. It walks you through integration into your site, and it works with any WordPress theme.

Some of the primary features of AAWP are custom link creation, automated data updates, tag management, and custom product displays. AAWP allows you to create tables, cloak your links, and track your clicks with Google Analytics. The list of AAWP features goes on and on, but it basically does everything you want an affiliate plugin to do. 

The drawbacks to AAWP are few, but the major one is that AAWP only works with Amazon. If you use another affiliate program, you will need to work those links out yourself. Also, the pricing of AAWP can be daunting for a site that isn’t making much money yet. 

Overall, AAWP is the most robust and complete Amazon affiliate plugin for WordPress, and that’s why it’s at the top of our list. 

2. ThirstyAffiliates

ThirstyAffiliates - Amazon Affiliate Plugins
  • Pricing: $49/year for 1 site.
  • Best for: Beginner and Intermediate site builders who build their own displays

ThirstyAffiliates is a popular link management plugin, which is almost entirely designed for text links. Whether you are using Amazon Associates or any other affiliate program to monetize your niche site, ThirstyAffiliates can take some of the headache out of keeping your links up to date. 

One of the best features of ThirstyAffiliates is the auto-linking feature. This feature allows ThirstyAffiliates to search your entire site for a product name, and automatically insert affiliate links for that product. This is a massive time saver. 

Other benefits of using ThirstyAffiliates include third-party importing using Amazon APIs, proactive link fixing, and bulk importing by CSV. 

The major drawback to ThirstyAffiliates is that their image service is pretty terrible. You need to upload images directly to the plugin, which violates Amazon Associates’ TOS. So, for product boxes and images, you are pretty much on your own.

Still, for managing links easily from one interface, you can’t go wrong with ThirstyAffiliates. It is a great plugin. 

3. Lasso

Lasso - Amazon Affiliate Plugins
  • Pricing: $19/month per site
  • Best for: Any experience level wanting to look like The Wirecutter without coding.

Lasso is primarily a product box plugin for Amazon Associates and other affiliate programs. It allows you to plug in any affiliate link, and it pulls whatever image or pricing information is available via APIs. It then creates beautiful product boxes, which you can insert all across your site via shortcodes. 

The best part of Lasso is that it can work in conjunction with other link management plugins. While it doesn’t do anything to manage your text links, the product boxes and grids that it creates add an air of professionalism to any site.

Amazon Product Box - Amazon Affiliate Plugins

These boxes look good, are customizable, and drive conversions. And, because they use APIs for images and pricing, they comply with Amazon’s rules. 

4. Amazon Link Engine / Geniuslink

GeniusLink - Amazon Affiliate Plugins
  • Pricing: $5/month for 2,000 clicks, $2 for each additional 1,000 clicks.
  • Best for: Beginners and hands-off owners. 

Amazon Links Engine, also known as Geniuslink, is a hand-off link redirect plugin. It is great for pretty much any site, even if you use another affiliate link plugin. 

What Amazon Links Engine does is redirect any Amazon link to an affiliate link with your associate ID. This is great for a hands-off solution because you can just place naked Amazon links on your site, and let the plugin take care of the rest.

The pricing of this plugin is also unbeatable. Basically, you pay $5 per month per site, for up to 2,000 clicks. If you get more than 2,000 clicks in a month, then you pay $2 per extra 1,000 clicks. 

Also, Amazon Links Engine will automatically detect if a product is unavailable. Also, it redirects international readers to the appropriate Amazon shops, making sure you don’t lose the income.

The major drawback to Amazon Links Engine is there is no tracking control. Your entire site goes to one affiliate tag. So, if you want to track performance by page, you will need an additional plugin.

5. Pretty Links

PrettyLinks - Amazon Affiliate Plugins
  • Pricing: Free basic/ $49/year premium
  • Best for: Site owners on a budget who are willing to put in the work.

Pretty Links is a freemium plugin for WordPress that allows you to manage your affiliate text links in one convenient location. This is a great way to cloak your link and use it across multiple pages of your site. 

For most site owners, the free version of Pretty Links is good enough. It allows you to set up cloaked links that you can then manage as you see fit. It’s simple, clean, and easy to use. 

The premium version of the plugin allows for more redirect types, bulk imports, and auto-keyword-linking. 

Pretty Links is a text-only plugin, so you are on your own for product boxes and displays. However, if you use custom product boxes or a plugin like Lasso, then this plugin will fit in right along with your current setup.

You can get the free version of the plugin right on the WordPress plugin directory.

6. WZone

WZone - Amazon Affiliate Plugins
  • Pricing: $49
  • Best for: Affiliate site owners that also monetize with e-commerce, or operate in an e-commerce space. 

WZone is a different type of affiliate link plugin than the other entries on this list. Working in conjunction with Woocommerce, the most popular e-commerce plugin for WordPress, this plugin allows you to build a shop of affiliate products.

Essentially what happens is you build a shop on your site, and fill it with affiliate products. Then, when your customers add them to their cart, they get redirected to an Amazon transaction, and you earn a commission.

While this isn’t as much of an Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin as an e-commerce alternative, this plugin does allow you to quickly load a lot of affiliate offers to your site quickly.

While it doesn’t stand alone well, when used in conjunction with your current affiliate plugins, WZone can add an additional sales tactic to an existing site. 

7. EazyAzon

EazyAzon - Amazon Affiliate Plugins
  • Pricing: $47
  • Best for: Intermediate to advanced site owners who are prepared to do some customization.

EasyAzon is a similar plugin to PrettyLinks, but with a less intuitive interface. While it does have a few extra features, like automatically adding products to the cart, it is mostly a link management and cloaking software. 

As a smaller plugin, EasyAzon doesn’t have the same clean interface that bigger plugins have. You should be prepared to put in more manual work if you are using this plugin. 

8. AAPro

AAPro - Amazon Affiliate Plugins
  • Pricing: $29
  • Best for: Site owners that only monetize with Amazon Associates

AAPro is an incredibly complete Amazon affiliate plugin. While it doesn’t work for any other affiliate programs, it offers the most complete dashboard of any plugin on this list.

This plugin allows for product customization, API integration, and real time statistics tracking. You can import bulk lists of links, create links, and track everything you could possibly want. 

It isn’t as simple as PrettyLinks, and it doesn’t work as well as AAWP. But, for a comprehensive Amazon affiliate plugin for WordPress, AAPro is a great option.

9. AzonPress

AzonPress - Amazon Affiliate Plugins
  • Pricing: $31
  • Best for: Beginners looking for a simple product box plugin.

AzonPress is a simple product box plugin that lends itself better to product grids and tables than anything else.

It is a matter of preference, but the product boxes this plugin makes appear a little generic, which is worrisome. However, the price is great, so it is a simple solution for some users.

This plugin doesn’t have anything in the way of managing text links, so you will need a different solution for that. 

10. AmaLinks Pro

amalinks pro
  • Pricing: $67/year
  • Best for: Large sites looking for an AAWP alternative. 

AmaLinks PRO is a great AAWP alternative and has similar functions and features. This plugin handles all your images, boxes, text links, and call-to-action boxes for Amazon Associates. And, because they have a deduction to compliance, you can rest easy knowing Amazon won’t penalize or demonetize your site.

Again, the product boxes are a bit generic and it doesn’t have as many customizations, but it is still a very comprehensive plugin. This plugin also includes a drag-and-drop table builder that is worth the price by itself. 

What's The Best Amazon Affiliate Plugin?

Any of the Amazon affiliate plugins will be great for your WordPress site, but some are better than others. We highly recommend you pay extra attention to AAWP and ThirstyAffiliates

To get the most out of your affiliate link plugin, we recommend using a similar cloaking system.

Like our camping tent example, if you name all your links the same way, e.g. bestcampingtentsforyou.com/nemo-firefly, then it will be much easier for you to insert your links into your posts.

And, when you need to redirect a link to a different product, you can change one setting in your plugin, and it will be fixed across your entire site.

No matter which plugin you choose, having an Amazon affiliate plugin is necessary for any niche website builder monetizing with Amazon Associates. So ditch the spreadsheets and move on to a better system.

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